E-mail spam, also known as “bulk e-mail” or “junk e-mail,” is a subset of spam that involves nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e-mail. A common synonym for spam is unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE). Please Follow Spam Definitions (Source: Internet, url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail_spam , As on 18-Aug-2008).There is a Different Spam techniques image spam, blank spam and backscatter spam. All spam side-effect of email spam, viruses, and worms.

since its inception has never supported spam. We (as a company policy) never believe in sending out any spam messages. If you are receiving spam, we recommend that you install spam-filters such as:

  • Google’s Postini(http://www.postini.com/postini_solutions/email_security.php)
  • Cloudmark (www.cloudmark.com)
  • SpamWall (www.spamwall.com)

These three top spam filters are varying in pricing and plans. Such as, ClearMyMail charges $25 annually with 18 ways of checking E-MAILS. We openly state that we are opponents of spam supporters, and in accordance with the reality, we highly suggest the tab for the subscription fees by offering you free of charge if you make your next order with us.

We availing the free offer, kindly contact us directly via EMAIL Support@alldaygenericmeds.com or you can contact us only filling ‘Contact Us’ form. Don’t Fight with Spam E-MAILS Alone, Bear in Mind the Following 08 General Issues That You Face Unknowingly:

Be Familiar While Working with the Internet: There is a familiar proverb ‘Mind Your Own Business’, you use it when someone interrupts. In way of avoiding receiving spam E-MAILS, you need to avoid sharing your own information with yourself. That is bit strange to say the proverb yourself ‘Mind Your Own Business’, but please; say yourself when you are standing in front of the mirror. One last picking point of this point is that if you have no anti-spam software installed on your computer and similar devices then you need to avoid sharing your personal details with yourself, as well. Especially, on your workplace, never use the provided computer without having mail-filtration software and apps. First ask your boss that you want to install anti-spam software and apps, after permission, must find out the best one of the recommendation list, looks like above.

Using Files Zip-Locks and Passwords: It is an important plus the easiest point that you use Zip or Encrypt software for your protection. Most of the computer and laptop companies come up with such software already installed. If you have an old one, so you need to install it manually, that is free of cost; you can install it via landing on winzip.com third party site.

Please Update Your Software from time to time: However, you are a lazy man, along with this vice you are enough conscious person regarding spam filters. Due to your laziness, you avoid updating software at the right time. This is an essential reminder, never be lazy on that time when your installed anti-spam software reminds you again and again, and you keep clicking on the button ‘Remind Me Later’. Hey folk! What are you waiting for that happened? That water goes up to your head. Please, stay alert, and keep renewing your anti-spam software in time. This instant step will help you avoid involving in future damages. These are the basic but very important points. Some of them are very general, one of the major issues of all issues is that, despite general issues, you ignore following them due to your rigid routine and laziness, as well. All in all, you need a full package of spam filters that protects your personal information from hackers. Never underestimate your wallet than your self-protection. Our priority is to make your internet life safe as much as we can do. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us; we welcome you to our service by the core of the heart. In hopes, you will live your web-life peacefully!

Open Your Distrustful Eye: Most dangerous spam mails are those that you receive in your inbox instead of spam or junk folder. All Above, the mail contains kind words plus changes your normal mood into greedy. Like, when you start reading a ‘Rich Spam E-MAIL’ naturally you have mouthwatering. (Recently, one and only landlord died and left his all estate in a downgrade. I thought you could heal me out and grant me an account number so I could transfer the little percentage… blah blah…). So, please avoid having all ears on such spam mails that involve you in future risk.

Stay Alert: Most of the Internet providers offer to block receiving spam mails. In this particular case, you need to switch on or can direct contact with your internet provider to keep the spam filter switch on. If this is not the way to avoid getting spam emails, so you need to subscribe to the spam filter third party as mentioned above the top ones. One general research is that there are around 1000 to 2000 spam emails sent per day per account.

Don’t Ignore the Cookies and know about cookies: Almost people have no basic knowledge regarding cookies. You must know about it that it is essential for your easy-to-use. Cookies trace the IPs and keep remembering the address. The Sites’ cookies allow your entry without going through the entire validation check process. But the issues are when you receive such spam mails that come along with cookies. Yea that spam emails, are very terrible for you, you can avoid such mailing cookies to collect your data by using particular software and apps.

Keep Swinging ‘No’ to Dirty Mails: One easier way to stop receiving specific spam mails that you note down the definite ID, and login to your mailing account, then go the settings and for the completion you can follow the further directions yourself. You can avoid receiving particular abusive words, such as; “s**”, “naked”, or “porn”, you can set the settings up yourself within few minutes.

Never Forget to Unsubscribe When you logged in: Over the Internet, you sign up on numerous e-commerce sites for online shopping and much more. So, unknowingly you avoid un-marking the option whether you want to receive relevant mail and newsletters of a certain site or not. And, in a hurry, you register with an email subscription. If you have done the same process and getting more emails in this way, no need to be a worry. You can unsubscribe from such emails via scrolling down on one of the same bulk emails. There you will see the written words in a shorter font, like; if you want to unsubscribe so please click on the link and something like that. After completing the ‘Unsubscribed mail services’ process, hopefully, you will not receive such emails again in the future.

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