How To Turn Boring Sex into Sizzling Sex Using All 5 Senses

How To Turn Boring Sex into Sizzling Sex Using All 5 Senses

Do you secretly worry that your dull sex is a symptom of something more serious? Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is slowly failing.

It’s rather common for pleasure to come and go along with desire to fluctuate. You are not a failure, and you are not destined to spend the rest of your life having dull sex. Continue reading for tips from a sex therapist and coach on how to reignite that fiery flame.

Moments that will make you and your companion squirm!

Everyone hates boring Sex from time to time

Here’s the thing, though: everyone has dull sex occasionally. Despite what Hollywood and popular culture would have you believe, even couples who think they have the most amazing, perfect sex lives occasionally experience unsatisfactory sex.

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The benefits of sexual novelty

Changing up your routine in the bedroom, or anywhere you often have sex, is known as sexual novelty. This may include the way you approach sex, the act of having sex, or even what you do after, as research indicates that these factors can have a significant impact on our overall feelings about the sexual encounter.

Introducing new experiences to your sexual life can be beneficial as it can focus your attention throughout the act of having sex. Additionally, you’re usually having a lot more fun when you’re more present.

Your brain doesn’t go into autopilot the same way it does when you know exactly how to perform a sexual routine because it doesn’t know “what comes next” or “what position to move into.”

However, trying out unusual sexual positions, using lubricant with a lime flavor, or having sex in a hotel over your lunch break aren’t the only ways to be sexually innovative. It can also be greatly impacted by small adjustments, such using your five senses in novel or unusual ways.

Modify the situation in bed, Using all 5 Sense

It takes place during multisensory sex. It involves more than just your tactile sense—despite the fact that this is probably the most evident sense in relation to sex. In actuality, all five of them provide pleasure. Additionally, by deliberately interacting with more of them, you can experience unprecedented levels of thrilling delight and contentment.

As you look through your options below, keep in mind that you are not required to attempt them all.

It can be beneficial to introduce some of these activities gradually at first to see how you and your spouse react to them. You just want to have fun with your partner; you’re not trying for Olympic-style sex here.

Expressing love with your eyes

To put it simply, watch what happens when you try doing more with your eyes open; you might be surprised. and your feelings about this.

When you lock lips with your partner, look them in the eyes rather than closing them. Even just witnessing the two of you having sex might intensify the pleasure. Even if utilizing a mirror to accomplish this is simple, you might want to start by just focusing on your partner’s eyes, mouth, or body as it is directly in front of you.

Because eye contact may be powerful, it is frequently claimed that eyes are windows to the soul. Because of this, it may feel more vulnerable to look at each other rather than to close your eyes, but the benefit of doing so is that you may notice a new expression on your partner’s face while they are enjoying themselves. Maybe a glance that makes you feel more loved and boosts your level of sexual enjoyment.

Seeing how your partner looks at you with ravenous eyes can also be exhilarating, particularly if you’re self-conscious about your body or any other aspect of yourself. Engaging in a strong emotional and physically satisfying sexual experience can result from seeing yourself through your partner’s eyes and letting that vulnerability.

It can also make you feel really seductive, just like your lover does.

Never forget that if the experience is too intense or makes you feel more self-conscious, you may always close your eyes. Here, trust your instincts!

Using your ears to make love

It’s obvious that our aural sense may be rather potent when it comes to sex, regardless of whether you usually keep quiet or find yourself making plenty of noises during sex.

There are several methods to use this sensation to enhance your experience with your partner if you want to make dull sex into passionate sex.

According to study, you can really heighten the satisfaction of the encounter for yourself and your partner by purposefully creating more noise, which can also help them reach their climax. Because those who create more noise during sexual encounters typically find their sex more fulfilling than those who don’t. Additionally, it helps you express to your partner your preferences going forward.

Therefore, think about ways to make it simpler to create more noise during sex in order to boost both arousal and enjoyment, regardless of whether you live in an apartment with thin walls or share a bedroom wall with your children.

Using your sense of smell or aroma to make love

Using your sense of smell to add to the experience and make it more exciting is a terrific technique to liven things up in the bedroom.

One way to do this is to spritz each other and your spouse before having sex with your favourite perfume or scent. To set the scene or go deeper into your senses during sex, you can also try lighting fragrant candles or incense that you both like.

Some people discover that creating the ideal atmosphere with fragrances allows them to fully engage with their bodies during sex in a way that nothing else can.

Scents can be very powerful tools during sexual encounters, but the “wrong” smells can also be a big turnoff. It’s crucial to consider what you both need to make sex easier and more enjoyable for each other just for this reason. Showering before sex (together, if that’s how you feel!) could help eliminate odors that could otherwise disturb you both during sex.

Having a tasteful relationship

Although taste is a sense that is frequently disregarded in the bedroom, there are many ways to use it to your advantage and boost your desire. 

Similar to your sense of smell, an unpleasant breath from you or your partner can be distracting to the taste buds. Water, breath mints, or floss by the bedside are all useful for spontaneous sex.

God knows, neither of us has the time to meticulously prepare every aspect of our sex life. So, make things as simple as possible for yourself—mints and all.

You should also think about the good and negative effects that different food choices may have on your sexual experience. For example, if one way you prepare for sex is by planning a nice old date night-You may wish to consider how different foods may stifle desire. Choose something that won’t stick on your tongue for hours after dinner instead of the really garlicky hummus, especially if making out and kissing are your favourite ways to start a sexual relationship.

Touching and making love

Not to mention, touch is one of the most important and possibly most evident senses used during sex (though it can still be enhanced to make dull sex into exciting sex!).

Consider considering touch in a more general way rather than just liking or not enjoying sex as much as you may have in the past. This can assist you in moving forward and experiencing true intimacy with your lover once more.

As an example, whatever type of touch—gentler or rougher—do you prefer? If you have a preference, does it change based on your overall level of stress or where you are in your menstrual cycle?

Regarding temperature, are you a fan of the hot or cold? What about the feel of your bed linens or the couch you sleep on? Do you have a favorite kind of material? If so, what kind of feeling—rugby, silky, smooth, or soft—do you prefer?

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