4 Secret Sex Drive Killers

4 Secret Sex Drive Killers

You’re probably already aware of a few items that reduce your sex drive. Stress, a lack of sleep, and certain drugs such as SSRIs are also common causes. When someone asks me why they can’t get turned on, I usually start here.

However, you may not be aware of other “stealth” sex drive killers. Here are four that receive less attention, despite scientific studies supporting their effectiveness. Are any of these sneaky offenders sabotaging your drive? Let us find out.

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1. Monotony

The latest research on sex in long-term partnerships confirms what many of us have believed for decades: sexual dullness can and will cause pain in a marriage, particularly among women.

In a 2023 study, researchers discovered that higher degrees of sexual boredom were associated with lower levels of partner-related desire. In layman’s terms, this indicates that women in long-term partnerships are not less sexual or frigid because they do not crave sex as frequently as their heterosexual partners. More than likely, they’re bored, which is reducing their arousal.

This study has a large sample size (1500+ participants) and confirms what anthropologists have been saying for years: the notion that cisgendered men are “naturally” more sexual and promiscuous than cisgendered women is completely outdated. Today’s sexual data appears to suggest the opposite: the female sex drive thrives on variation and novelty.

2. Gut Health.

Whether it’s erectile dysfunction or problems becoming aroused, modern research reveals an incredible correlation between gut health and sexual health. There’s been a growing trend surrounding gut health in recent years (see Netflix’s new documentary Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut), but we now have a wealth of data. Here’s what it says: our culture’s structural challenges with nutrition and food access require substantial correction, and if you’re wondering why your sex drive is low, your stomach may be to blame.

Gut health has several repercussions, including brain function, mood, and sexual arousal. Until there is widespread change, businesses are stepping in to fill the gaps, which is why you’ve seen so many products boasting probiotics and prebiotics recently. Among the options available, I particularly like the Just Thrive brand, whose probiotic is research-backed and effective. This probiotic pill or food additive is absorbed by your body, unlike many others. The first benefits you will most likely feel are increased energy and sleep quality, followed by improved arousal patterns.

3. Mental load.

Another concept that is receiving increased media attention and research is mental load and how it impacts sexual arousal.

If you listen to my podcast or read my writings, you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of having a clean room for sex. But that’s not only because it’s a good idea. No, carrying excessive mental weights causes tiredness, leaving little energy for sex.

Examples of mental burden are:

  • Maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment
  • Remembering family birthdays, and preparing gifts and celebrations.
  • Maintaining a mental inventory of necessary house or auto repairs
  • Coordinating the household budget and finances
  • Performing and/or Coordinating childcare

No matter who performs these responsibilities within a partnership, this mental burden is frequently overlooked, which is why we don’t associate it with decreased sex drive. Surprise! It is definitely a factor, and when the load is distributed evenly within a partnership, there is more overall energy for sex and sexiness.

4. Red Meat.

Despite the ancient assumption that “manly men” eat steak, studies now demonstrate that the saturated fat in red meat contributes to erectile dysfunction. Here is why.

Getting an erection is all about maintaining proper blood flow. However, when the arteries and veins are coated with saturated fat deposits from red meat, blood cannot circulate as easily. Blood enters the penis via the arteries and remains inside when the veins close to “trap” it in. Saturated fat deposits have an adverse effect on both of these functions: blood cannot flow as easily through the penis’ arteries, and veins cannot press as hard to hold it in. (If you’re currently struggling with this issue, may I recommend a penis ring? It does the squeezing for you, to keep blood trapped inside and keep your penis hard.

If you’re looking for an excuse to eat more plants, reducing your intake of red meat will increase your erectile response. By the way, this also applies to people with a vulva! Despite the fact that we only see a small portion of it, the clitoral organ is quite massive and located within the body. It, too, requires proper blood flow to become sufficiently aroused, therefore limiting red meat consumption can benefit those with this pair of genitals.

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